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Can i take the parts from a 2008 Intel Imac and put them on the logic board for a Mac Pro. II spent three grand on this thing when i bought it.  The screen's not working and i'd rather just do a DIY rebuild.  Taking as much of guts from the Imac and using them for a new build.  Which parts can i use? 

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    Unforatunately this wont be an option. The only component would be the hard drive that will work with a Mac Pro.

    Chances are, your Mac Pro is faster then the 2008 iMac (CPU, RAM, Graphics, etc)


    You can most likely get a nice return on your investment if you sold it for parts on eBay or brought it to an Apple Authoried Service Provider that could probably fix the screen or you can browse various part supplier sites and get a few parts to fix it yourself?

    could be just a cable or the inverter, those would be the cheapest options. LCD may cost you ~$100

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    I'm wanting to put parts from a 2008 Imac into a Mac pro

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    right. the only part would work in the mac pro is the Hard Drive.

    all other parts (processor, power supply, ram, video card, logicboard, etc) are not compatible

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    Im thinking that the only thing that would cross over would be my CPU.  Maybe my Hardrive.  I'd have to get another logic board and Memory and all that jazz wouldnt I?

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    depends on the mac pro you have.

    you cant mix processors, but you may be able to swap out the current ones for the imac one, but again the socket types and compatibility may affect that.


    the memory in the imac is compatible with some portables, Mac Pro uses desktop ECC ram.


    hard drive shouldnt be a problem, correct.