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I have an Imac,


sadly, it wont start up! It gets to the grey screen and the apple logo and stays there.


I can't use my keyboard, since it doesn't connect (I have also tried it wirelessly)


My only idea is to safe mode start it from another computer,

but I have no idea how! Please help .


Btw, Im running internet through a collegenetwork.




Gian Varela.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I assume "I can't use my keyboard, since it doesn't connect" is because it is a bluetooth keyboard.


    Chances are you have something more serious that Safe Mode may not work, HOWEVER, if you cannot use the bluetooth keyboard, then you need to plug in a USB keyboard and try booting holding the Shift key.


    I'm not sure that will actually work, but if bluetooth keyboard not functioning, then you need to try a USB keyboard if you think it will help.


    Alternatives.  If you have another Mac AND if both have Firewire ports, you could try putting the non-booting Mac into Target Mode (again you may need a USB keyboard).  Boot holding Command-T to put the Mac into Target Mode.  Connect the 2 Macs via Firewire cable.  The Mac in Target Mode should appear on the other Mac as an external disk.  You should then be able to use the working Mac's Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility to verify and if appropriate repair the Target Mode disk.


    If all else fails you may need to restore your system from your most recent backup.