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My iphone4s keeps deleting my past events.  One was last week and it's now gone. All my calendars are on view, and all my events are supposed to be backed up.  This is a huge problems for me I need to know the dates of past appointments. Also nothing is syncing to my iCal on my actual macbook.  I've never checked this before because for the 8 months I've had the phone I've never had a problem before, and NONE of it is backed up in iCal.  Help?!

iPhone 4S
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    Check Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars>Sync (in the Calendars section).  Try setting this to a longer time period.

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    It was selected to 3 months back...I now have it as all events.  But an event from last week disappeared.  All my December, November, and October have completely deleted.  And nothing is still in my iCal after I synced through a USB (I normally just sync with wireless daily and I plug my phone into my comp about once every 2 weeks)

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    If you are syncing your calendar with iTunes rather than iCloud, you might check the Info tab of your iTunes sync settings under Sync Calendars to be sure you haven't checked the box that says "Do not sync events older than xx days".

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    I'm in my itunes now it says "Your calendars are being synced with your iPhone over the air from iCloud."  There is no box about certain number of days.


    All backs ups are selected to automatically back up to my computer. My iCal is completely empty.

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    This would only apply if you were syncing your calendar using iTunes, not if you're syncing it using iCloud.


    Are you also syncing the calendar on your Mac with iCloud? 


    You might also want to go to icloud.com from your from your computer to see if your calendar is intact there.

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    Okay, so now that my phone is plugged into my computer, everything is suddenly back up.  I'm not just crazy my boyfriend has been trying to help me fix this and he's good with these things and has no clue either how it just showed up again. I just checked all the settings are the same.  I haven't changed any setting since I last said everything was gone.  The only difference is I physically plugged it into the computer with a USB chord. 


    This is not the first calendar problem I have had.  It also just turns on my Facebook calendar whenever it feels like it.  It did it this week. All of a sudden I had events on a day I didn't think I had and when I clicked it it said it was someone's birthday on facebook and I know that I had turned off that calendar in the past because I don't need to know when facebook people's birthdays are. Is there something wrong with my phone?


    Thanks for the icloud.com link too.  It's good to know that if this stuff disappears off my phone it's somewhere because I really need to keep track of these past dates.

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    Can't say that I understand what happened either.  What I would suggest you do is to back up your calendar on your computer somewhat regularly for a while; at least until you're sure that everything's functioning correctly again.  This would give you a backup in case something goes wrong.  To do this, open iCal (or Calendar if you're running Mountail Lion), then go to File>Export>Calendar Archive, then save this file on your computer in case you need it to restore from.


    Also regularly back up your phone using iTunes.  The iTunes backup includes your calendar events (the iCloud backup doesn't).  If you are backing up to iCloud, you can still perform a manual backup to your computer using iTunes by right-clicking on the name of your phone on the left side of iTunes and selecting Back Up.  (If you're running iTunes 11 and don't see the left sidebar, go to View>Show Sidebar).


    At least do this for a while until you're sure that everything is working properly.

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    My calendar is still not in my iCal on my computer at all.  It's on my phone and in my cloud which matters most.  But I would like it export and save a document as extra back up.  Is there a way to fix this??  All my calendars (I have 3, Home, Work, and Personal) are highlighted and checked.  I tried Import>mycomp>Library>Calendars and there's nothing available to import in any of those folders.


    I always back up my phone using iTunes.  I have the most recent iTunes but I'm only running OS X 10.6.8.  Could that be where any of the problems are coming from?

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    I don't know how you lost your calendar from your Mac but if you updated OS X and synced your Mac with your iCloud account you could download your calendar from iCloud and have it on your Mac again.


    Since you are syncing your calendar with iCloud, it now exists on the iCloud server (which is why you saw it when you went to icloud.com).  In order to sync the iCloud calendar with your Mac you need to be running at least OS X 10.7.2 (Lion) or higher.  Starting with this version, iCloud is built into OS X in System Preferences, and you can go there and sign into your iCloud account, then turn on syncing for calendars, contacts, etc. just as did on your phone.  This is an overview of how this works on a Mac: http://www.apple.com/icloud/setup/mac.html


    If you don't want to update your Mac to sync with iCloud, it's also possible to publically share your iCloud calendar, then download your iCloud calendar as an .ics file, which could then be imported to your Mac.  The instructions for doing this are listed here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4910, under the Calendars heading, then "icloud.com calendar".  While this would give you your calendar back, it would not stay in sync with the calendar on your phone, so it's not as good a solution as syncing your Mac with iCloud.  (You shouldn't try to sync your calendar or contacts with iTunes if you are also syncing it with iCloud.  Doing so will create duplicates.)