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Hi - I picked up a new 13" MBA on a Black Friday sale in late Nov and want to install my Adobe CS4 on it (just Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign - not the whole kitten caboodle because it's only a 128 GB drive)  I tried using Remote disc over WiFi to my mid 2011 iMac to install using the DVD drive.  It started but got stuck installing over WiFi so I aborted after a few trys.   I picked up a Thunderbolt cable at the Apple store (without asking the quesitons I probably should have) - I assumed I'd hook up my iMac to my new MBA through their resprective Thunderbolt ports and wahhlah!  I inserted the CS4 disc into the iMac DVD drive and hooked up both via Thunderbolt.  I didn't see an apparent way to get the software to install on my MBA from the iMac using Thunderbolt.  Next I read that Thuderbolt works with Migration Assistant.  I followed Apple's instructions on how to do this, setting up my iMac in Target Disc mode.  But when I used MA on the MBA it could not find the iMac - I tried several different times.  No luck! 


Both the iMac and the MBA have been updated to the most recent software updates!  What gives?!  Is Thuderbolt not ready for "Prime time"?   Do I have a defective Thuderbolt cord...or is one of the Thuderbolt ports on either my iMac or my MBA defective?  This is the first time I've tried to use Thuderbolt so who knows.  How can I test to see if the Thunderbolt connection is good(working?)  Of course I can take it back to the Apple store and check it out....but


Any help here would be much appreciated.





MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 13" MBA, 1.8GHz Core i5, 128GB SSD