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The only reason I have 2 apple IDs is poor planning by Apple. Mobile Me users were assigned a me.com ID, despite the fact that I already had an Apple ID. Now the me.com ID has followed me to iCloud and I can't get rid of it. When I set up iCloud I attempted to use my original Apple ID but was disallowed due to it "already being in use"...by me of course, but no matter. Now I am stuck with 2 IDs. Apple has confirmed this.


To update apps, you must sign in with the original ID or repurchase it. Why would I do this? I purchased it using my ID and used it on only one device. To sync everything though I must use my me.com ID. (Remember-it can't be changed to your original ID) If you sign in with the me.com ID your account shows that you have made no purchases and therefore you have nothing to update. If you try to install the app using the new ID it tries to charge you money again. And of course you constantly have sync issues because your phone and your computer are signed in using separate Apple IDs.


Now, you want me to sign up for an @icloud address? Yeah right. That will simplify things.


Nice going Apple. Way to simplify my life.

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    Apple does not monitor this discussion board. It is a user forum. Just letting you know that you won't get an answer from them. You need to contact them directly.


    If you already had an Apple ID, then you shouldn't have had to try to set up a new one to sign into iCloud. You just should be able to simply open the iCloud icon in system preferences and sign in with your old ID and password.  And you can use one ID for iCloud syncing with Mail, Contacts, etc. and use the other to sign into iTunes & App Store. They are seperate functions.


    And the iCloud address are already assigned to any apple addresses you already have. You can verify this at the iCloud.com website in Mail's preferences there.


    If you do wish for some help, please ask directly what you would like to accomplish. Someone here may be able to help you.

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    Your best bet is to contact the App Store support folks, but my guess is they will not consolidate your two accounts. Good Luck though.


    This is a user-based forum, and not a place to contact Apple directly.

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    Two major points:


    1.  Your premise that you need to combine the Apple IDs to avoid charges is incorrect.  You can simply authorize iTunes on your computer (you do sync using a computer, right?) to accept both Apple IDs.  You presumably already have iTunes set up with one Apple ID.  SImply authorize purchases that were made using the other Apple ID on that computer by going to Store > Authorize This Computer in that iTunes on your computer and sign in using the old Apple ID and password.  Then sync and you'll be all set!


    2.  Here's how to contact Apple Support:  http://support.apple.com/kb/HE57


    UPDATE:  Sorry, I might have been mistaken in your intent --- my point 1. above assumes you're talking about iPhone - iPad apps.  If you're talking about Mac apps, please ignore point 1.

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    I don't get any answer that helps from them either. I was hoping maybe someone here that had insider knowledge could help.


    2 points:


    I had an Apple ID BEFORE mobile me, before iCloud.


    The me.com address was ASSIGNED by mobile me and was MANDATORY to migrate to iCloud.



    I do not need, nor do I want 2 Apple ID's.


    Your post was helpful, but the promise of iCloud simplifying my life is still a remote dream.

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    It is absolutely incomprehensible to me that Apple would not want to fix this. A company that prides itself on "stuff that just works" allowing this mish-mash of user ID's, work arounds and "except ifs" is just stupid.

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    I also had an Apple ID before iCloud and didn't have a mobile me account. When I signed into iCloud with my original Apple ID, a mobile me address was given to me which also serves as an Apple ID. Not sure how your ID is set up. I can log into the account with both.


    You may have this site already. This is Apple's site to manage Apple IDs. Not sure if you can get any use from it. I changed the primary address from my original to the new address. Then deleted the original address from it and added new ones. This may or may not be the case for you.



    I also logged into iTunes and went to my account. I changed my Apple ID there from the old address to the new one. I did this over a year ago. Not sure if you can still do this. I just don't worry about the other address since it isn't associated with anything anymore.

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    No, I can't change my ID. It says that ID is already in use.

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    At which site are you trying to change it at?


    Is it an apple email address for the ID or is an outside email address?


    Do both Apple IDs have .me addresses associated with them?


    It will not let you change an address from one Apple ID to another as long as they are both listed as an apple ID login. If you want to add one address from one ID to the other ID, you must first delete the address you want to move from the original.

    My first ID was one listed with an outside email address. What I did was changed the primary address for that ID to another outside address which I created in gmail and then added in the Manage ID screen. Once I changed the primary address, I deleted the original address from that ID. I then logged into the Manage ID site for the second ID and I was able to add it to the original ID to it since it was deleted from the first one.


    Once I had the all the correct email addresses associated with the same Apple ID, I was able to log into iTunes and edit and change the ID to the one I'm using now.


    Maybe that will help you if I made that clear enough.

    Like I said, I did this a long time back and it may not work the same for you.

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    Sounds good but doesn't work. iTunes will not authorize my other devices using the me.com Apple ID. So every time there is an update, I have to sign out on each device, sign back in using the other Apple ID, update and repeat the process for each device. Then repeat the process using the other Apple ID. Sure no problem. Believe me, if there were an easy fix, someone would have come up with an answer. Apple support can't fix it and apparently neither can anyone else.

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    Well look at this. I still have several devices I use in conjunction with my wife's ID. Some devices we share. All our purchases are under my Apple ID and her devices are logged into her's. As I said earlier, using one for iCloud syncing and another for an Apple ID is no problem. Even though her computer and iPad is logged into her ID for syncing and iCloud use, the iTunes & Apple Store are logged into my Apple ID. All updates between both devices work fine.


    If you mean by other devices iPad or iPhone, iCloud has it's own screen setting for logging into an Apple ID and the iTunes & App Store have a seperate screen setting. If you set those to the correct ID's, you should have to log out of iCloud to get into the iTunes App store.


    If you are talking about authorizing another computer for a certain ID and you can't do that, maybe you have too many computers authorized with that ID. If you got rid of old computers and didn't deauthorize them, that may be why. I think the limit on computers is 4. You might have to deauthorize all devices to clear the list, the reauthorize the ones you still have.