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Absolute rookie move. Bought a Mac Mini server (June 2012 model) on E-bay and it came with the previous owner's log-in account still on it. Tried to re-install 10.6 server software with the CDs that came with it but  got the message "You can't upgrade this version of Mac OS X because a newer version is installed". Any advice on how I can fix this? I'm hoping I didn't buy a brick that I can't do anything with.


Any help is much appreciated.



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    What OS X software is installed on the box?  OS X, or OS X Server?


    If it's a newer OS X version and you want OS X Server from the installer disks, wipe the disk and reinstall.


    Officially, it's not likely that a recent Mac Mini Server would even officially support something as old as OS X Server 10.6; here's the list of the minimum versions (HT1159) — I don't see a June 2012 model, the closest to that acquisition date would probably be a mid-2011 Mac Mini or Mac Mini Server model, and those require OS X or OS X Server 10.7, or later.


    OS X 10.7 also didn't usually arrive with DVD disks, so that may be an old DVD from some other box.


    To confirm the Mac Mini model, see  > About This Mac > More Info...

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    Mr. Hoffman,


    Thank you for your reply. The machine is a June 2010 Mac-Mini but as you said I'm sure that the previous owner upgraded to a more recent version of OS X then the discs provided. Ultimatley the problem is that I am locked out of the machine and unable to get the information off of it. If this is running 10.7 what would my options be? Any advice is apprecieated.


    I am headed to the Genuis Bar this afternoon for a consult.

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    Solved it. Thanks again.