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I changed my email password on my laptop. when I went to change it on my iPhone 4s it says it is invalid and will not let me log in. I tried deleting it off my phone and readding it - failed. I turned off my phone and turned it back on - failed. I plugged my phone into the computer and synced it... I have done everything but deleting everything and starting from scratch - HELP!!!!!!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    well after a few days of bashing my head in trying to figure it out - I DID!!!!!


    So, here's the solution to my problem - I had 2 step verification on  - after I had changed my password google and its awesome security features wouldnt let an unknown device access the account.So I disabled 2-step verification and I was able to add gmail back onto my phone. yeaay! I have my all in one calendar back!
    now..... the next question is.... if I add the two step verification again but would like to add a youtube video off my phone will it let it..... I'll post when I find out.

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    when you then reactivate the 2 step verification you get a special password that works for all google aps on your phone that are not 2 step verification  supported.