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YyCal Level 1 Level 1

This app does not work at all! Home sharing is on but it keeps asking me to turn it on...

iPad 2
  • Winston Churchill Level 10 Level 10
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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    Have you made sure that both the app and the Apple TV software are up-to-date.

  • miami04 Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem. Everything was fine then all of a sudden it stopped working. There has been no I tunes update or remote app update so that isn't the cause.

  • BnJmn42 Level 1 Level 1

    What version of the app are you running and what firmware is on the apple TV?


    The latest version of the app is 3.0 and is designed to run with the latest aTV firmware.

    The prior version of the the app 2.4 works best for previous aTV firmware.


    hope that helps some.

  • Glee1530 Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem as well.  Everything worked fine until a couple of days ago and now it asks me to turn on home sharing.  I have flipped it on and off multiple times on my iPad, Apple TV and computer and even deleted and reinstalled the application multiple times.  I have used this app for over a year and iTunes is up to date as well as all iOS versions on both my iPad and Apple TV.