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Hi all,


Losing my hair trying to setup an airport express to allow printing over wifi from my iphone 5 & iPad which are both running the most up to date iOS (phone 6.0.2 & iPad 6.0.1).


I recently purchased the latest model airport express (model A1392) and have been trying to set it up through my laptop running windows 8 and my iphone.


The Canon mp280 printer I have plugged into the usb port of the express does not have an ethernet port hence me attempting to use the express. I currently also use the express for its wifi capabilities and have disabled wifi on my modem/router Billion BiPAC 5200G RC.


To be able to even see the printer on the network I had to run an ethernet cable directly into the express instead of through my router but still could not print.


I have read various things on this site but I don't quite get a straight answer.


Does the printer now need to have "AirPrint" software on it for it to be used wirelessly by apple products with iOS6+ and if so does it still require the airport express? Makes me a little angry if yes but I'm thinking this is going to be the answer. I don't want to have to use third party software to fix this.


I could always use the express as a network extender elsewhere in the house if this is the case which would make it not an entire waste of money....


Any help would be appreciated

AirPort Express, iOS 6.0.2, Windows 8; iOS 6.0.1; iPad;
Solved by mende1 on Jan 13, 2013 10:27 PM Solved

The AirPort Express has a feature that allows you to share a printer, but that's only for PCs and Macs. An iPhone, iPod touch and iPad require that the printer connects through Wi-Fi to your router

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AirPrint requires a Wi-Fi printer and it requires that the printer connects through Wi-Fi with the router, so you have to buy a new printer if your printer hasn't got a Wi-Fi connection

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