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Hi All,

I recently upgraded from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion.


All great except for my Apple Remote control.

Before, I could effectively control my iMac media with Apple Remote by using Front Row (music, photos, videos, good integration with iTunes and iPhoto).

Now, as I understand, Front Row is expired.

So, my Apple remote still works but with very limited options (just music, forward, backward and volume), and it's a real pity.

Any of you Guys know how to restore Front Row?

Otherwise maybe suggest an alternative (sth similar, should allow iMac media control by Apple Remote)?


So far I tried to restore all Front Row files by a Time Capsule Snow Leopard backup (as indicatred on some other Communities).

To restore was easy, but then, no way to launch it.


Any advice will help!
Thanks in advance/all the best.


iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Same problem with Mac Book Pro