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I have an Airport Extreme which I am attempting to set up.  My router is currently a Netgear DG834PN which I set to 'modem only' in order to use the AE - all well and good and I can get so far with the setting up,  but cannot get internet connectivity.  I have now found out that my isp uses PPPoA and not PPPoE  - can anyone tell me what I have to do to get the dang thing working - if at all?

iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Unfortunately, Apple does not support PPPoA on the AirPort Extreme or their other routers, so your options are limited:


    1) Configure the Netgear device to provide the PPPoA connection service and then set up the AirPort Exreme to operate in Bridge Mode


    2) If you want the AirPort Extreme to perform as the "main" router, you might look into a device like the Draytek Vigor 120 which could possibly act to convert PPPoA to PPPoE. In this case, the Netgear device that you have now would not be needed.


    Vigor 120 ADSL Ethernet Modem - DrayTek UK

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    Hi Boband thanks for the quick response.  It's beddy byes over here now so I will check it out tomorrow - if I have any hair left after this it will be a miracle!

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    I'm a great believer in the KISS principle.


    Configuration is simple if you start from a factory default condition.  Then connect the Airport to AC power and finally to the Internet modem (or modem/router).  Open Airport Utility on your Mac or other computer and accept all of the recommendations.  After confirming that it works, insert your desired administrative and WiFi passwords.


    Do not expect the Airport to respond instantly to the configuration commands.  BE PATIENT!

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    Hello Philly, thanks - all comments welcome and appreciated - believe me I have been soooooo patient.  I am currently exploring the Modem / Bridge route to take... It doesn't help that Apple use PPPoE and my isp uses PPPoA.

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    I certainly hope that something works for you.

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    It doesn't help that Apple use PPPoE and my isp uses PPPoA.

    That is why I suggested that you look at a device like the Draytek Vigor 120, which is designed for your type of application.

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    Hello - Me again!,


    Right, I'm really getting fed up now! - I have purchased a vigor 120 and connected it all up as per the instructions yesterday, guess what? - IT WORKED!! Fantastic!  My problem now, is that it automatically downloaded new firmware - AND STOPPED WORKING!  I was up last night until 2 in the morning doing resets, re-boots and factory defaults until weariness got a hold and I slumped off to bed.  I was up again at 7 and did it all again as per the instructions, leaving it well alone 'to do it's own thing' whilst I took a day trip to France, (I was being patient Philly_Phan!).


    Home again now...nothing, zilch, zippo.  I have disconnected it and re connected the netgear.


    When the AE was working it was fantastic, then an update came along and it stopped.  I presume it's the update , but cannot figure why and what to do now.  Any suggestions???


    (I have started from scratch several times, to no avail)

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    I have found several threads which have advised that I power everything down and start them up one at a time.  This I will do (again, and in order) in the morning now - I really have lost the will to live.  I got shot of my PC windows rubbish because I seemed to be spending time fixing issues!  I sincerely hope that Apple are taking note - I have spent a shedload of money on their products - I expect better!


    I will let you know how I get on, in the meantime any suggestions greatly appreciated.