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    Interesting. Just jumped in on these and have lots of questions getting answered just by reading. I decided to immerse myself recently in Apple, after having worked in Windows for years. Something new I guess, anyway I like your answers. What I now know, patience is key. Running OSX Server, Parallels 8, and Windows 8 on Mac Mini. Windows 8 phone, iPad 2, and MacBook Air. How did it come to this?

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    Hey AJM,


    Are you getting things done or did you already gave in to the W-side?


    After hours on end with a comercial hotline from a Reseller for $4/min, I have been on the phone with a great guy from Apple Customer Care in Cork yesterday.


    We tried to get things working, but even after everything looked good, I still couldn't get my Wiki running alongside my website.

    Profile manager didn't work anymore and so after 7(SEVEN) hours on the phone with him trying to fix different settings we decided to delete the whole Server HD and reinstall OS X & Server from scratch.


    As FromOz said before, I now can fully support him on that: Server is not very keen on getting it's hostname chaged. This might have rubbed off on some system and causing it not to work properly, so starting fresh might be the best option.


    You mentioned you have had multiple consultants and none of them could get it to work. (insert stupid question:) Have you/they tried to delete and start fresh? And if yes, how did that work for you?

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    Haven't defected yet.  I reformatted the server last weekend and resintalled all of it.  I have one user that seems to be having permissions problems, but the others seem to be working fine, so far. 


    I'm not running much for services, just DNS, OD, and File Sharing so far. 


    Will see how it goes. 


    I'd like to get VPN running, but my stupid netgear router will have to be replaced.  It has VPN, but it doesn't work with mac and it will not allow you to port forward the VPN ports so I can't use the VPN service on OSX server.  Trying to decide whether to get a Peplink or a Watchguard device

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    Looks like heavy duty machines. I use my Time Capsule as router. Very easy to manage with Airport from your server or administrator machine. Click what you want and Server punches holes in your firewall. That is... if the server is working.

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    I have two WAN connections, a cable modem and DSL.  If one goes down, the router switches over to the other one.

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    I feel your pain.

    I am also a physician and have my practice in South Florida. I am by no means a Server guru, but I have over the years learned to adapt to the Apple Server technology as it evolved across the several versions. No one taught me, and pretty much self-taught myself and occasionally got help here. To my advantage, I kept and maintained older server versions that had certain services working and kept them running. As a result, I rarely got overwhelmed by having to change everything at once. As an example, I am trying to retire an old Tiger Server that I have depended on for several years. I am able to move everything off of it, EXCEPT the iCal publishing. WebDAV was maybe not sexy enough and now we have calDAV. webDAV worked and did a decent job, and until I can figure out calDAV, I am stuck with the old Tiger for a little while longer. What I am saying is that as a non-IT professional, you have to expect to only progress with baby steps and always plan to have a fall back option. And the market for Apple Network and Server Professional Consultants is anemic everywhere.


    As far as the latest OS X Server, it seems like Apple is attempting to streamline the server networking and communications protocols in line with the rest of the world by trying to make very technical and convoluted methods and protocols "Apple Friendly". I am not sure how well they've succeeded, because at times, it seems like they've dumbed it down to the point of being counter-intuitive.

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    It has been painful, but knock on wood, i'm getting there. 


    I ended up reformatting the server and reinstalling eveyrthing from scratch.  then, i resetup the user accounts, and chmod'd all their permissions.  so far, things have been working pretty well for about 3-4 weeks. 


    networked user accounts seem to finally be behaiving themselves


    OSX Calendar, Contacts, and Messaging remain useless to me.  Calendar and Contacts just didn't work reliably for me.  Lots of duplication of records.  Was a disaster. 


    Messaging on OSX server is also useless since there isn't a Great client for iOS devices.  There are lots of crappy clients (beejive, talkonaut, monal), but they are pretty crappy.  messaging using iCloud accounts is working a ton better for me.


    I solved the VPN issue.  the answer is to get rid of the netgear router.  It just ***** for mac support.  their tech support was 10000% useless on the issue.  Bought a peplink router for $300. Took about 10 minutes to setup.  Very nice.  It load balances, with failover, my 2 wan connections very easily.  No hiccups in the VOIP or https traffic if either wan goes down.  VPN took less than 30 seconds to setup.  so rather then spending any more time with the inferior hardware of the netgear, moving on to a better company was the answer.


    Next on the agenda:

    -trying profile manager to manage preferences on all the client computers and user settings

    -trying netinstall to keep all the clients updated so that my users aren't constantlly harassed by the seemingly neverending onslaught of self-updating crap there is to deal with these days.

    -offsite backup.  i have multiple server backups, and backups of backups.  all of this is just for user accounts though.  I keep almost no patient data locally, almost everything is cloud based.  still, i want an offisite backup.  I'm thinking that  a pair of lacie cloudboxes will do the trick.  seems that one cloudbox can back itself up to another offsite cloudbox which I can put into a locked cabinet at home for less cost than use some cloud based backup and have the benefit of rapid physical access to the remote backup if I ever needed it for restore.

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    well, so much for that, it melted down again today. 


    reinstalling yet again.

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    will get a quote tomorrow to get PCs.  This is ridiculous.  The server becomes completely unusable and needs to be reinstalled once every 45-60 days.  no way to run a business. 

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