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I have set up home sharing and my husbands music is now visible on my Mac. I can play it through my Mac but how do I now sync selected music from his list to my iphone so I can play it when I am out of home??

iPhone 4S
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    You sync it onto your iphone as usual.


    Did you import the music from your Husbands Machine or are you playing it in situ?


    This article on Understanding Home Sharing should help your understanding

    Also this info on how to copy music over from one computer to another





    Home Sharing


    Home Sharing is an easy way to keep all your iTunes libraries in sync across multiple computers at your house. For more information on Home Sharing and syncing your library between two computers, read iTunes: Understanding Home Sharing.

    Note: This option allows you to share music between multiple computers if you continue to use both, but it doesn't create a lasting backup. To create a lasting backup, use an external drive or CDs/DVDs.

    Home Sharing requires


    Follow the steps below to use Home Sharing to copy your music between your old computer which has the music on it already, and a new computer.

    1. Be sure iTunes 9 or later is installed on both computers.
    2. Open iTunes on both computers.
    3. On your old computer:
      1. If Home Sharing is already enabled, iTunes 10.1 or later displays the option to Turn Off Home Sharing (Account) under the Advanced menu. If this is the case, proceed to step 7. Otherwise, Choose Advanced> Turn On Home Sharing from the menu bar.
      2. Select the Home Sharing icon on the left side of iTunes.

      3. When prompted, enter your Apple ID and password.
      4. Click Create Home Share.
      On your new computer:
      1. Click the Store menu and choose Authorize computer. Enter your Apple ID and password (that was listed in the Advanced menu in step three or used in step 5).
      2. Choose Advanced > Turn On Home Sharing from the menu bar.
      3. Select the Home Sharing icon on the left side of iTunes.
        Note: Once Home Sharing is enabled, the Home Sharing option disappears from the left-hand side of iTunes until a Home Share library is found from another computer.
      4. Once your new computer sees the Home Share from your old computer, click that Home Share on the left side of iTunes on your new computer.
      5. Select the content in the Home Share that you want to transfer to your iTunes library on your new computer, or choose Edit > Select All to choose all of it. Then, click the Import button in the bottom-right corner of iTunes.
      6. Wait for the content to finish transferring.

    Transferring playlists

    If you want not only your content but also your playlists to exist on your new computer, you will want to transfer a copy of all your playlists from your old computer. To do this, choose File > Library > Export Library on your old computer. Save the XML file that is created to your desktop.

    Send the playlists file to yourself as an e-mail attachment, use an external drive, or use file sharing to move the playlists file to your new computer. Once the file is on your new computer, open iTunes and choose File > Library> Import Playlist. The import process will remove any items from the playlists that you didn't share via Home Sharing.

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    I simply turned on home sharing on both our laptops and his music is now on mine, but when I sync my iphone, the music from his list has not synced. What is Situ??

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    In situ or in place remote playing of content or streaming. If the content is not on you local machine you will not be able to sync it to uour iPhone. You need to do this if you want the music available on your phone when away from the home sharing environment.

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    So how do I now get his music permanently on my computer so I can sync with my iphone? My husband already has 5 devices syncing off his computer so my phone can't be another one of them....

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    Hate to be a pain, but is what I am trying to do possible or am I wasting my time trying? I am now trying to download my husbands music onto a disc from his Mac and still not having any luck??? Yes, I am a bit of a novice, please help.

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    Yes you can get his music on your machine using Home Sharing.


    On each Machine do the following


    1) File > Home Sharing> Create Home Share Enter an Apple ID and password. Create Home Share

    2) Repeat on the other computer using the same Apple ID and Password. It does not matter if the computer is signed into the itunes store with a different id

    3) Authorise your computer with your Husbands Apple ID Store > Authorise this computer. This will not affect your itunes store it just allows you to play and sync the new content


    Then look in itunes if it does not look like this then View > Show Sidebar


    Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 18.15.53.png


    As you can see the other persons Library shows up in the left hand column. Select what content you want and transfer using the import button bottom right.

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    Sorry to butt in on the thread but I am trying to move by music from my old Mac to my new Mac.  Everything goes fine until the instruction to import from the bottom right.  As can be seen from the screen shot there is no menu bar below the music list in the right hand side like on yours; but the libraries are shared.  The new Mac is authorised and I have downloaded my store purchases already.  But there is other music off CD's I would like off that old Mac though.




    I can't find any menu item to add more "view" other than column view of the library at the top. The old computer is v10.7.5 and the new one is v10.8.2 with iTunes v11.01.  Both logon accounts are Admin.


    Any suggestions would be welcome.

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    If you notice the symbol by your share is a music note on a grey box. On my machine it is an Orange House.


    This indicate you are using Sharing NOT Home Sharing


    To enable home sharing on both machines

    File > Home Sharing > Create Home Share. Type in the same apple id and password on both machines.


    Then the orange symbol will show up under share


    You can leave the other Sharing turned on or turned off it makes no difference

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    Thanks so much, right on the money.  It was enabled on one but not the other.

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    Did you get it working GKay75?

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    Hi Steve, thanks so much as it is now working. Really appreciate your help as Apple store was quite vague about how to do it when I was in there the other day.

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    Your Welcome