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This is really a two part question:


1. Is there a way to get the Photo app to show the file name?

2. Is there a way to get the movie files on my SD card to show in the Video app?

iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1
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    2. You have to first import a movie file into your photos app, then when you try to play it, it'll default to and open the video app.


    As to seeing file names, not with the bundled photo app, but folks may know the names of other apps that will allow you to see the file names.

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    Thanks.  I was aware of the requirement to Import first.  What I'm trying to do is use an SD card as storage for extra movies while we're on vacation.  The problem becomes in that I don't want to have to import every movie just to see which one is which.


    If someone else out there knows of another app that lets you see file names before you import, that would be spectacular.

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    I face the same issue. This isn't a solution, hopefully someone can help with an app. The photos app sorts by file date, not alphabetically. So, on a computer, if you sort those files by date and make a list, you could then use that list to have a better chance of importing the right movie when you want to watch it.


    I have kind of the same situation as you. A couple of large SD cards with video files on them that I don't have room to keep on the iPad. What I ended up doing was I found a program that allowed me to edit the creation date and time for the file, and once all those were the same, the ipad then defaulted to alphabetical and I could then have a list and count down, find the 5th file, import it and have it be what I wanted.


    So not the solution you're looking for, here's hoping someone has one for you, but a different work around if things don't pan out. I also be interested in an app that allowed me to see the file names.

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    What's the app that you used to edit the creation date?

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    The program's called 'file date changer'

    I'm pretty sure I got it off cnet

    It's a tiny little application that lets you edit the date and time for files.

    In my case, I had 13 video files that I wanted in order, so I gave them names that were in alpha order, then used this to make the creation date and time the same, so when I look at them via the photo app, they default to alpha order.