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The rapid usage of my cellular data and resulting drain on battery life has been a real issue since iOS6. If I disable cellular data, things improve dramatically. It would sure be nice to know who the culprit is. Any apps to help with this?



iPad 2, iOS 6.0.2
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    Never heard of one - the sandboxed nature of iOS would make it impossible to build an app to do so, since apps are isolated from each other and each others data.


    All you can do is the trial and error method.


    A couple of iOS features to check though, are


    Settings - General - About - Advertising - Limit Ad tracking = ON

    Settings - General - About - Diagnostics and Usage - DON'T SEND (checked)

    Settings - General - About - Date and Time - Time Zone = OFF (uses location services to check if you've crossed a time zone - unnecessary use of location services if you are not travelling outside of any wifi or cell coverage)

    Settings - General - Restrictions - Location Services - System Services - all OFF (these involve transmitting location based data out, ie. from your device).