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I recently bought an iPhone 5 (64gb). After a few days of using I noticed that the battery was draining extremely fast and the phone overheated quited fast. I thought that the problem was in the OS, so I updated to 6.0.2. It didn't help at all. I exchanged the iPhone to a new one, but nothing changed. I also updated it to iOS 6.0.2, and it's battery also drains and the phone also overheats quite fast. For example, after charging it to 100%,I get to 70% after around 30 minutes of internet browsing on 3G, or after  35-40 minutes of playing a game. And the back of the phone gets VERY hot after about 10 minutes of playing GTA Vice City.

I've tryed everything I've read on the net - setting it up as a new one, resetting network settings, etc., but nothing helped.

Is there a way to fix it or, at least, find out what causes the problem? And also, is that just my phone's problem, or is it a general bug and should I expect it to be fixed in new OS versions?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2