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How can I access the iTunes UK store whilst all my UK credit/debit cards are registered to my French address?

iPad, iOS 6
  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,827 points)

    Sorry, but you can't, not with those credit cards.  If you want to purchase from the UK iTunes Store, you'll need to by physically present in the UK and have either a UK credit card with a UK billing address or a UK iTunes card and a UK mailing address.



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    Thanks for your reply> I had thought that would be the answer. It does seem a  bit strange in this day and age!



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    It's part of the verification of location that the content licensors, who are all different from country to country and hence don't want to allow cross-border sales, require Apple to implement.



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    i met the same problem.... just i cant buy in French store...


    yeah i wanted to buy oficialy... but now it seems i'll gave to rip it from youtube... and than they call it piracy



    petras gowindart