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PREFACE: I've read most of the posts on here that discuss this issue but none have provided a real answer to this.


I'm on Moutain Lion w/ all the latest updates from the App Store.


I've installed Oracle's latest Java JDK (7u11) because of the recent security issue. When I go to Terminal and type in "java -version", it's the latest version of Oracle's 1.7. I don't have Apple's 1.6 version of Java on my system. I've verified that by checking in the appropriate System folder for the 1.6 JRE & JDK.


So all seems to be fine so far and per Apple's recommendation, I'm using Oracle's latest version of Java.


So when I go to run Charles debugging proxy, which is a Java desktop app, I get the following message in a dialog:


"To open "Charles,” you need a Java SE 6 runtime. Would you like to install one now?"


If I have the latest Oracle Java version installed, why am I being prompted to install Apple's 1.6 version?


I've had this prompt in the past and went through the install before. Contrary to what another poster in another thread says, choosing install at the prompt ignores the fact that 1.7 is installed and does in fact install Apple Java 1.6. It's an outdated version of Java which I don't want on my system.


Why do I need to install Apple's 1.6 when Oracle's Java 1.7 latest is already there?



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