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I am unable to receive email from one person. She is able to receive my emails but can neither reply to me nor make a new email to send. Neither works. She was able to send to my husband's address. He then cc'd me on a reply to her email but I could not receive the cc. I have called my service provider and they say the probblem is not theirs.

Any suggestions?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Classic Mac OS

    Most isp's let you logon to their mail server from a web browser.  Try & see if her email is there.


    How are you receiving the email? OSX Mail?  From a web browser?


    Have you looked in the trash?


    Try locating her email with spotlight.  Might tell you where it was filtered.


    Perhaps her address got on some filter list.   


    mail > preferences > junk mail


    mail > preferences > filter.


    Turn off junk mail filtering as a test.


    edit all filters so you can see what they are.