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    Those panics were not caused by third-party software. If the problem is recurrent, the possibilities are (1) a damaged OS X installation; (2) a fault in a peripheral device, if any; (3) an internal hardware fault; and (4) an obscure bug in OS X.


    You can rule out the first two possibilities by reinstalling the OS and testing with non-essential peripherals disconnected and aftermarket expansion cards removed, if applicable.


    If you've recently upgraded the memory, reinstall the original memory and see whether there's any improvement. Be careful not to touch the gold contacts on the memory modules when handling them. If necessary, clean them with a mild solvent such as rubbing alcohol.


    The Apple Hardware Test, though generally unreliable, will sometimes detect memory faults. A negative test can't be depended on. Run the extended version of the test.


    Otherwise, make a "Genius" appointment at an Apple Store to have the machine tested. You may have to leave it there for several days. There isn't much point in doing this unless you can reproduce the panic, or if you can't, it happens often enough that it's likely to be repeated at the store. Otherwise you may be told that nothing is wrong.


    Print the first page of the panic report and bring it with you.


    Back up all data on the internal drive(s) before you hand over your computer to anyone. If privacy is a concern, erase the data partition(s) with the option to write zeros* (do this only if you know how to restore, and you have at least  two independent backups.) Don’t erase the recovery partition, if present.


    *An SSD doesn't need to be zeroed.

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    macjack has a bat signal out for just you in the Water Cooler.



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    Thanks Linc for all your help, I took it to the apple genius bar and they screwed up once or twice but in the end it seems all I needed to do was replace the memory board. Now it works like a greased weasel, and I am very happy.

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