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  • jonuk85 Level 1 Level 1

    Created a new user and have been using Final Cut for about two hours now without any freezing. Pessimistic that this will last but will update again if I have any more issues!



  • Russ H Level 7 Level 7

    Glad you're encouraged.


    If you scroll back in this thread to 8:18 this morning, you'll see that I suggested you create a new user account at that time.



  • jonuk85 Level 1 Level 1

    And about 5 minutes after I left that reply, surprise suprise, same old freezing problem! So it didn't solve the issue unfortunately...


    Looks like I'm going to have to return it or swap it. Although it's a slower machine, my old iMac is working much better with FCPX!

  • elohel Level 1 Level 1

    edit: woops didnt see your first post!


    was going to suggest trashing preferences, but looks like you already did


    : ( so only a swap seemed to work? there's no fix for this im running into the same problem

  • TriTYR Level 1 Level 1

    Just a heads up, I've read that some people are having issues reading/writing data through the fusion drive. This may be the issue, especially if you're working with large file sizes that worked previously on a machine without fusion drive technology. It's worth looking into, I think. The GPU doesn't seem to me that it would be the issue since it uses CUDA technology, which supports openCL. I would try to find a contact directly to Apple engineer support rather than your local genius bar. Best of luck to you.

  • TriTYR Level 1 Level 1

    PS. I read that the reason why is because the SS portion of the fusion drive (being only 128G) freaks out when dealing with large files because it foresees not being able to store/handle the entire file. This may cause freezing and other OS panic symptoms.

  • digibudII Level 2 Level 2

        I wonder if we are starting to see issues with FCPx and fusion drives ?  One of the reasons I got a 2011 refurb recently was because of the unknown fusion drive. I couldn't afford the big SSD that was going to be offered in the new iMacs and didn't want to hang my hat on a fusion drive but now I understand that one can break the fusion drive and reformat them as separate drives. That might be a possible thing to try.

  • stumbleone Level 2 Level 2

    But in the case of FCP X projects being on an external drive, there really wouldn't seem to be anything of major size associated with FCP X on the boot/fusion drive to confuse the SS portion?

  • TriTYR Level 1 Level 1

    You and I wouldn't think so, but I wouldn't rule it out. Fusion Drive is functional through software, so at it's infant state it's hard to say for certain whether or not even external source drives would confuse it and cause performance issues. It's definitely something I would look into.


    Also, something I found out recently is that the NVIDIA GTX 680MX that you're running supports CUDA, but not OpenCL directly. You may need to download a driver/CP from NVIDIA in order to get better performance out of your processors. I still don't think that your GPU is the issue, but you never know...if you're trying to exhaust resources anyway.

  • jonuk85 Level 1 Level 1

    As stumbleone says above, I'm running everything off an 8TB G-Raid so there shouldn't be any issues with file sizes affecting the fusion drive. The only thing I have installed on the fusion drive is the OS, the standard applications that come with it, FCPX and Compressor.


    Macworld look like they did some extensive stress testing of the fusion drive here:



    And they dont report any freezing or crashing issues even when maxing out the storage.


    I'm going to get it swapped for another one, test that one out and see if the same problem is happening.

  • digibudII Level 2 Level 2

      I'll be curious to hear whether Apple will in fact swap it out for you. Keep us posted.

  • jonuk85 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm just going to return it under the 14 day returns policy then get a new one!

  • stumbleone Level 2 Level 2

    Jon -


    One other thought, for my own curiosity if nothing else.  The fact that a couple of the things you tried worked for a while before failing again, and also that rendering (high processor load) seems to create problems suggest the following to me:  If there is a heat build up over time and resulting overtemp situation, that could affect performance.


    This could result from faulty fan functions or other things.


    There are some freebie programs  -  istatpro? - that give you data on temperatures, fan speeds, etc.  Might try running one of those.


    If indeed that turns out to be the problem you can't deal with that and should return the machine,  but at least it would bring some closure to the issue.


    I have an older 27" iMac, and amazed how hot the top of it gets.  So some cooling malfunction could possibly give you the erratic behaviour you see.

  • elohel Level 1 Level 1

    were there any tests done without the harddrive?


    my freezing issues went away once I ejected my external

  • jonuk85 Level 1 Level 1

    stumbleone - Yeh, could well be that. I did run the short and full Apple Hardware Test though and it didn't flag anything up, as far as I'm aware it tests the fan and all other internal hardware?


    Elohel - I have tested it with and without the hard drives and other peripherals plugged in but it still happens. Either way, I have to work with an external hard drive because of the volume of large video files i work with.

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