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    As mentionned in earlier post last weekend, I spoke with Applecare yesterday about this issue and they passed me over to the FCPX specialists. They are aware of the issue and working on resolving it. So I wouldn't bite my nails until they bleed, cause help is on its way. Furthermore this issue only happens when using FCPX, and heavy video editing can be done with other apps like Premiere Pro from Adobe...;-) And that's why I had not noticed the issue for almost a month after receiving my new iMac. I use Adobe After Effects CS6 and Adobe Premire Pro CS6 which both are configured to take full advantge of the new NVIDIA graphics card on this machine and the new processors also.


    How ironic that Apple's own software is the one struggling to keep up with Apple's new hardware. I would be embarrassed in there place.

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    If there is anyone of you who communicates with Apple,

    may add that the exact same problem

    occurs when exporting the same file from Motion 5



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    This thread is now being read by the FinalCutProX team and they will likely catch that detail as Motion is a FCPX add on. In any event when they get back to me I'll make sure they are told as I have an APplecare case number attached to this event.

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    Just received this email from the FCPX Team member working on this case:


    Hi Jose

    Just awaiting an update from the Engineering Team. I hope to have an update shortly.

    Many thanks


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    Has there been any movement on this as yet???


    Cheers Greg

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    Hi they are working on a solution. As of last Thursday January 31st I as contacted by Apple and they sent me an application to install on my iMac that would collect all the data they need to fully investigate this issue. I ran the application and sent them the reports it generated that same day and expect to hear from them next week.


    Fingers crossed but don't hold your breath, you could die...;-)





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    I was asked by the FCPX team to provide the CurrentVersion.fcpproject file located in the project's folder and a crash report. We realised that this crash or freeze up did not create a crash report in the logs folder in the Lybrairy.


    So we tried other things and the situation is quite different now. Originaly I and probably others assumed that this crash situation was going to happen in all exports but we tested by creating a new project to export and it worked fine. Then we tested again by trying to export another old project and it worked also without problems. So the FCPX team now has the currentVersion.fcpproject files of the three projects: The one that is an old project that crashes and was the initial project to raise concern, they also have the file of the new Test project that did not crash and the file of the old project that also did not crash.


    I hope they can get back to me with why this one project does crash. BUt at least I no longer see this situation as critical as I perceived it initially.

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    Mac OS X

    This isn't strictly an export problem, and can easily be reproduced when working with the pixie dust title. I tested it in an Apple store. It worked correctly on all the iMacs except the 680MX where the machine twice froze and forced a hard reboot.

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    Hi Tom,


    I agree with you that this may not be just an export problem, but I have to add that it certainly is not just a pixie dust title problem either. In my latest update, by luck I had used the pixie dust title in both projects, the one that crashes and the one that doesn't. So I just ran another test. I DUPLICATED the project that crashes by using the option Duplicate "Project and Referenced Events" and once the duplicate  was done I proceeded to export the project in which there is the pixie dust title just as in the other project that did not crash and this time the exported worked perfectly.


    So now I have no idea where the problem is with that project!!!

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    Yep, mine is happening with almost any title and with exporting, somtimes straight away, sometimes after an hour or so of working.


    After I returned my original machine I have just gone and bought another one to test it out again and exactly the same things are happening with brand new projects, old projects, editing titles, exporting...


    Which leads me to believe it's not anything to do with whether or not you have new, old or a duplicated project/event, it's just this computer's or the 680MX card's incompatibility with FCPX.


    Come on Apple, don't make me return this machine again, at least give us an update on a fix!

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    Hi jonuk85


    I just updated the FCPX team in contact with me about this issue and sent them the new file along with a link to this conversation so they can see what's going on. Wow what a bummer for you if you are having issues on several projects. For me it is only with one project (although tested only with one other one plus the duplicate and seems ok) but perhaps I should try other older projects as the newly created project worked all right. SO to conclude that the problem is the NVIDIA card is in my humble opinion a tad premature.


    Let's see what the FCPX team has to say about the latest test files they have.....

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    Yes, it would be really great if the FCPX team could pay attention to this thread and give us all an update because they will see that so many people are having the same freezing issues with this machine and FCPX.


    With any project, old or new, duplicate or original, working from an external HD or on the Mac's HD, I can make the computer freeze just by adding any title and modifying it. And I've tried this on two different machines.


    The point is it shouldn't be freezing at all and honestly, I know we all want to help, but should it really be up to us as consumers to be testing it out for the FCPX team?! This is their best iMac and the one that creative professionals will be getting for video editing, grahics and design and it's really quite bad that this is happening.

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    Am forwarding this last update to them as the person I am in contact with is reading this for sure. But what baffles me is that in my case I have reduced the issue to one project only and even found a workaround to it by duplicarting the project and exporting it. Have you tried that with one of your numerous projects that crashes?

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    The issue for me is not so much with the exporting - it only seems to freeze about 50% of the time when exporting.


    The main issue is the regular freezing while editing video and titles. This will happen frequently with any kind of project, original or duplicated.

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