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My friend and I wanted to watch the fourth kind and pitch perfect so after renting the two movies they began their download process. If i may mention my friend has a slow internet connection, so i went to FAQs and saw you could watch movies while they downloaded and the download time was small only at most  about 3 hours so we waited from when we bought them, about 11 to around 6. There was very little progresss in the download and still said that there were 16 and 11 hours left so i thought that if we watched them while they were downloading maybe well at least get to watch them. So we attempted to watch pitch perfect but no matter what we tried the movie wouldnt play at all. So we gave up and decided to try the next day. When we logged on it still had 10 hours for just pitch perfect, i turned off simeoultaneous downloading to maybe get it to go faster, we tried watching it and to no avail. We left it alone for a while and then i went back to my house with a relitivly fast internet connecting where i dicovered that the movie was gone. is there anyway to watch it without re-purchasing it?

iOS 6.0.2, in itunes store on my laptop