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I got my iPhone unlocked off ebay and gave the guy my imei number. So after 12-24 hours I call apple and check if my iPhone five is unlocked they said yes. Now I got a tmobile nano sim and put it in my iPhone 5, then I restored it and iTunes said congratulation your iPhone has been unlocked. But for some reason on the top it's saying no service. I asked the tmobile guy at the store to double check if it was activated he said it was, he told me to call customer service I call them and they said there's nothing wrong with the sim its perfectly active. I tried restoring and setting it up again but still the same problem. I even asked AT&T and they said it is unlocked, and said tmobile are the ones who have to help me out and there's nothing they can do.I can't think of any solutions right now, so what's the problem??

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    Im just the same problum ...!! call 1800 iPHONE  ,  them say wating for this case ..:((

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    eBay and all gray markets selling iPhone cannot be trusted.

    T-Mobile depending on which country do not officially support iPhone.

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    i had a similar problem - i got my iPhone unlocked - restored and got the unlock message- put in a t-mobile sim card and got no service - took the phone to a t-mobile store - and it worked there - could be just a gap in coverage where you are located - i also took the phone to my work place and it worked with the t-mobile sim - but still got no service at my apartment

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    i think (but am not sure) if the phone was not really unlocked you would get a message like


    Unsupported SIM


    when you put the t-mobile sim card in the phone

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    I am also getting the same No Service on top left of iphone 5.It was showing unlocked when i connected to itunes.

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    I hve the same problem with Iphone 4 and tmobile in NYC. My phone sometimes works fine at my apt, then it doesn't get reception in my apt for hours , even for days!!! then I go out of my apt and  walk for a few yards or a block, and then I get reception... It stays, then It might go if I go to somewhere else. It's so frustrting. I went to severaltmobile stores, and FINALLY someone told me that tehy are working on the towers to get full signal for the iphone, so that might be the problem. Does anybody have any other suggestions?

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    Not really.  That's the downside of using a carrier that doesn't officially support iPhones.  The problem is that T-Mobile USA uses 3G/4G frequencies that are incompatible with iPhone and they are phasing out their 2G network.  Eventually they will be supporting iPhone compatible frequencies but not yet available in most locations.


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    So, you mean that My Iphone is fine, it's Tmobile network in The USA that doesn't work with Tmobile. There are 1000's of peolple using tmobile with an Iphone and they don't have problems.. at least that what they say...(customers and Tmobile representatives) In the last 2 days,  my iphone is picking up reception worse than ever.. I might change locations for a few blocks, It will pick up signal and then It will fade away in amatter of seconds.. and so on and on.. So, you mean I'll have to wait until Tmobile full y supports Iphone in order to Use it with Tmobile? Thanks for your help in advance.

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    I called apple support, I payed $30 over the phone and They never told me that Iphones have problems to Tmobile. Since my sim card is working fine with a Tmobile phone, They suggested me to take the Iphone to reapir it to an apple store.

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    So, you mean I'll have to wait until Tmobile full y supports Iphone in order to Use it with Tmobile? Thanks for your help in advance.

    Yup.  There are lots and lots who do have problems with T-Mobile USA.  It's very dependent on your location.

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    Oh well, thank you for your answer.. It's dirivng me nuts and I don't want to waiste more time on figuring out what's the problem.. :-)

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    I am in Long Beach CA i have used an iPhone 4s with no problem, but now that i have a 5 unlocked i have not  had service at all for the last 3 days. Tmobile care tells me that it should take a few hours to provision but it never kicks on. I am wondering if any one has an iPhone 5 that works on Tmobile USA? Apple care verified that the iphone is unlocked but they do not support unlocked phones over the phone, they told me to go to the nearest Apple store.

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    On feb 1 /2013 i have the same problem got my iphone 5, already did the imei unlock an show me no service, i think its defnetly tmobile , idk how long i got wait till signal works again =\

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    T-Mobile has Nano SIM Cards? or are they cutting the Micro SIM's to fit your Phones

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