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Having trouble with getting the 'c' key to work on startup - computer just starts up as normal instead. Why??


I have an iMac 7,1 with Intel Core2 Duo 2GHz, bought about 2008 and all very standard running Mac OSX 10.5.8. Am intending to upgrade to Snow Leopard.


I did just delete my Previous Systems Folder to free up 89GB of space. Could this be why the 'c' key no longer works? Or is it a different key on my mac to go to enable booting from DVD on startup?



iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    If the c key is not working for you, use Startup Manager - hold an option key while starting your Mac with the disc inserted.


    If the DVD is bootable it will appear in Startup Manager. Use the cursor left / right keys to select it and press Enter to boot from the DVD.


    Startup Manager: How to select a startup volume

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    If the keyboard itself doesnt work on startup, you can try another usb keyboard and see if that does.

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    Tried holding option key on startup. This worked, but only gives me the option of the MacIntosh HD - does not pick up the DVD, nor the External Drive.


    Am trying to upgrade to Snow Leopard and have this on DVD, but when trying to Install directly from the DVD I am getting the error message "The application "Install Mac OS X" cannot be used from this volme." I was told to try holding 'c' on startup to select the DVD upgrade at this stage but cannot get it working either way. So....any further suggestions as to how to get the Snow Leopard to install (then I can upgrade iTunes to use ios6!).


    NB: I am also using the original usb keyboard (still!).


    Thanks, Garrick

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    Thanks for your input. Please see my further comment on the issue.

  • ZozoFlower Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for your input. Please see my further comment on the issue.

  • John Galt Level 8 Level 8

    Two suggestions:


    1. Download and install the Mac OS X 10.5.8 Combo update and try again.
    2. Reset NVRAM and try again.


    Please confirm your Snow Leopard installation disk you are using looks like this:




    It must be white as shown in the picture, and not have "OEM" or "Upgrade" printed on it.


    By any chance, do you have another Mac that can be used to connect to the iMac you want to upgrade? Upgrading to Snow Leopard without a working optical drive is going to be a challenge.


    Let me know if you achieve any progress with the above.

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    I agree, it sounds to me like you are using one that has been burned to a disk improperly. In that case your Mac will not recognize the disk as mountable. Otherwise as John said, you may have a bad optical drive.