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Hello all

I have an iPad3. and have iBooks 3.02 installed.


I'm trying to get some free books from iTunes to see if it's worth to read on iPad.


All thing goes great if only use iPad. but I don't want iPad to do the download things.

I use iTunes on my mac for downloads.


I tried some big books made only for iPad like this one



Download it from itunes and sync to iPad, but the book stucked in iPad, the progress bar shows 100% but never finish.


I can't delete this book on iPad. reboot iPad or use iTunes to delete it does not change anything, it just stucked there.


The only way to clear it is reset your iPad to factor default.

many iPad only books behaive like this.


and I found that if I download those books from iPad, sync back to iTunes,  then delete the book on iPad, sync books from iTunes to iPad

it's OK!


that means iTunes may download a unusable book, that take you into trobule. I compared the same books which downloaded by iTunes and iBooks on iPad.

the size is different.

iPad, iOS 6.0.2