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Where can I report this to Apple, I've just spent 20 minutes trying to find some way to contact them.

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    Hey Hound


    When you check for software updates exactly what updates are listed in further details.



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    Hi Gimp,

                  good question. iTunes update, Mac Osx Update combined (the update that can't be saved), Thunderbolt firmware update, remote desktop client update and Lion recovery update. In that order.

                  Any ideas?


                I was in quite a hurry on the way out of the house when I wrote the question this morning, obviously it should be "netbank"



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    Have you tried dl and installing each update seperately, then finally doing the combo update. If not I would start on the recovery update then work backwards. I recently had issue with multiple updates duplicating and this solved it.

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    Also you can dl your update manually here: http://support.apple.com/downloads/#10.7.3


    Sometimes helps

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    skruffyhound wrote:

    Where can I report this to Apple, I've just spent 20 minutes trying to find some way to contact them.


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    Sorry Gimp, but in fairness you didn't solve my problem, you got the points though (accidentally).

    It may well have worked, but just downloading the Combo update directly from Apple did the trick. This answer from Scott Newman put me onto it.


    However, in this case, there is very clearly an issue that is correlated to two things:  1) Using the automated "Software Update" as compared to downloading and using the separate Mac OS X 10.7.3 Combo Updater; and 2) Certain Mac notebook computers.  In most cases, but not all, running the Combo Updater over a failed 10.7.3 update using Software Updater will fix the problems.  If a user can't get to the desktop or can't download the updater because of the previous failed update, there is information (albit geeky) in the previously noted thread to deal with this.


    Most older, experienced Mac users never trust the automated Software Update process for system updates and always download and use the related "Combo" updater.  Unfortunately, many newer Mac users know nothing about this.  Apple's revenues and profit growth have come at the expense of having an exponentiall increase in the number of non-Geek users who just want their Mac to work like their toaster.

          Thanks very much for your replies though