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Hi folks,


I'm on 10.8.2, just upgraded this week from Lion.


One of my email accounts, from Teksavvy, isn't working. I didn't change any settings.  The same account on my iPhone works without issue.

I've verified all the settings with the provider a number of times.  Even retyped the information in.  Nothing works.


I tried to create a new account with a 2 at the end to indicate it's a new account, but mail won't let me was it recognizes the account as being the same.  grrr..


Thought about deleting the account, but I have a pile of saved emails (important ones..not fluff) which are in different folders and when I went to delete, the message came up that it would delete everything with it so I chickened out  lol


I believe this is key:  I ran connection doctor which reported the Teksavvy outgoingserver wouldn't connect. 


Deleted that server and created a Teksavvy 2 outgoing server, whammo...it says it connects (it's green) yet the old one still shows up?


I exited mail and went back into prefs - accounts and edited servers and the original is still there (along with the new one) ?


Tried my other outgoings for 2 other accounts, but still no email.


Went back to new Teksavvy 2 and still no go.


Went into Keychain access and deleted both instances of smtp teksavvy server.


Opened Mail again.  Still no go.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance for reading and possibly helping me out. I'm going nuts.

I don't like when things work on one thing (iPhone), but don't on my MacPro. ie. doesn't make sense!  lol




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