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Like so many other people on the community, i have issues too


1) Beats wireless bluetooth to Ipad Mini has choppy music - iphone 4 and ipad 2 are both FINE

2) Beats wireless bluetooth to Ipad Mini has out of sync lip sync with movies - - iphone 4 and ipad 2 are both FINE


APPLE - can you fix this?

Or at least reply - i see no replies to ANYONES streams for these issues.


Does anyone have a solution?

iPod mini, iOS 6.0.2, ipad mini
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    Does the Beats wireless uses Bluetooth as its sound source? or it has a individual signal receiver? I've never use wireless headphones before since it's electro-magnified and the sound is not as good as headphones.

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    it uses Bluetooth as its sound source i think.

    Beats are excellent however, and you cannot tell the differecne between wired and bluetooth (apart from on an ipad mini). I use them on ipad 2, iphone 4 and SONOS with no issues.

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    iOS 6 implements BT 4.0 on those iPods, iPads, and iPhones that have the hardware to support it. The iPad Mini hardware does support BT 4.0. The iPhone 4 and iPad 2 don't have BT 4.0 hardware so on these devices BT 2.1 is used.


    There are problems with some vendor BT 2.1 drivers in that they were implemented in such a way that they are not completely compatible with BT 4.0. From talking with Beats customer support (Dr Dre) Beats is one such vendor. They do have corrected firmware which is compatible with BT 4.0. You can talk to them to get it but you will probably have to send your device in to get it updated. This can take awhile.


    Aside: I asked if they would send me an updated replacement Beats Pill BT speaker upon which I would send them my Beats Pill for update. They declined this approach saying that they were sending out many updated replacements and never getting anything sent back! Go figure.

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    Have sent a support message and spoken with Beats company

    Will let you all know what is happening. They indicated we might be able to now download the firmware....if this is the issue.


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    Spoken to BEATS

    After several email exchanges,they admitted that there is a small compatability issue betwen Apples latest HW (Iphone5, ipad 4, ipad mini) and theyare working with apple to define a fix

    Theysay that they dont supply firmaware updates for thier headphones per se, and it will need to be a fix within the IOS

    Until then, i will need to pause and unpause the music to stop the choppy bits

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    Did you ever have this issue sorted? I have just bought a pair of wireless studios but I am getting terrible audio/video sync issues, particularly with Netflix and SkyGo. Apple just told me to look at a bluetooth connection guide which focuses on connecting to a device.


    It must be an issue with iOS as I have no sync issues with my iMac via bluetooth.

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    Did anyone find a fix or get any joy with this? I have just bought a pair of Beats wireless and I am having the same audio/visual sync issue with my iPad Air. Frustrating watching anything, using the cable supplied but defeats the object of buying wireless.

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    I've been chasing around for the last few months. Beats say its an issue with the apps, as do apple but the developers of the apps say they aren't aware of any issues.


    I have found that the issue is not present with my bluetooth speaker which is bluetooth v4.1. There is no problem with the sync on my iMac. It seems to me like there is an issue with iOS devices connected specifically to these headphones possibly due to the bluetooth version (I believe the Beats Wireless are v2 bluetooth).


    When I went back to beats with this information their reply was "Thanks for your feedback. We have noted your input and appreciate your sharing it with us. Beats values hearing feedback from our consumers, both positive or negative. It helps us understand what is important to our consumers."


    It is infuriating that this is their stance when they sell these products advertised as "made for ipad and iphone"!