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    I have an imac with 5 user accounts. I will get a random bug: Pages opens the spalsh screen,  I click on a document I want to open, then splash screen disappears and the pages document does not open. Quitting and restarting the pages app does nothing. The bug is intermittent - happens about once a week. After restrating the computer pages behaves normally. I have been experiencing since I got my imac 6 months ago. Its really annoying.

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    How did you originally install and purchase Pages/iWork?


    Have you updated it?


    Did you install Pages/ iWork for "Everyone" so that it is in the System Library?


    Is it not opening in any particular Account?



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    Hi Peter,


    Thanks for your concern:


    • Bought it on my account from app store.
    • I keep all apps up to date.
    • Everyone can use it - I am not sure what install option I used (Can't remember).
    • I notice the bug on my account. I think it has occured on other accounts.


    I guess I could try re-installing it. Do you think that would make a difference?

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    Possibly, do you have AppleCare? This is something they can help you with as it includes bottomless telephone support.


    You should have raised it earlier on if you don't have AppleCare, but there is still the Apple Store and genius bar to help and have a closer look at your system than is possible here.



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    The problem I had was the same :


    (""application will open, but it then fails to open a blank document, template or existing document.  It keeps running and Force Quit is the only way to terminate it")


    The solution that so far seems to work for me was after force-quitting the app, to transfer the file that I thought was maybe corrupted to a USB key, erase it from my Mac, and then starting Pages again.


    Actually, before doing that, I tried another thing that resulted in the actual same problem, I erased Pages, I bought the software again and reinstalled it...   :-(

  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 Level 7 (33,660 points)

    All you had to do was open Pages with the shift key held down to stop it loading previous documents.



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