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Hey guys,


I am using the 8c 5,1 Mac pro with the standard 5770 installed. I am an high end user but I do not want to spend the buck on a Quadro.


I want an GTX 670 in my Mac pro, can someone tell me what I need and what I need to do?


some more info:


-Don't need the Bootscreen, I can use bootchamp

-I run 10.8 ML

-I have the 27" ACD mdp

-no experience upgrading a gpu in a Mac pro, however I do on a regular gaming rig.



can you guys help? I think that many more would like to know the awnser because these GPU's are just outdated now.      *thx Apple -.-*




Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion, 8 core, 8g ram, 27"ACD
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    Everything you need to know has been asked / answered / and threads devoted to the topic -- look on MacRumors forum under Mac Pro and look also for cards from MacVidCards that sells flashed modified cards like GTX 570 2.5GB for CUDA use. And you probably will need a 2nd 450W PSU.

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    I just did this myself and I am extremely happy with the performance gain. Since your Mac Pro came with a 5770 it only has one cable for the video card. The GTX 670 requires an additional cable, I purchased mine here -


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    Thanks! Glad to hear that! Have you got any ideo how this works with the 680? Same thing?



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    Hi sam, i just bought msi gtx 670 for my mac pro 8 core 2010 model. you can use this graphics inside but only for windows only, i think there is some solution to run on mac, but i dont care as for now because im not using mac all the time. my only problem is my fan in my mac cannot control, not unlike the hd 5870. so i feel a bit of heat on my mac but still my processor on idle still not going above 50%, almost 44 to 48 on idle. also about the card you should buy the 2x6 pins because some of the graphics card have 2x8 pins. but everything i can run in ultra like battlefield 3, medal of honor. the fps is around 50-90 on campaign & for the multiplayer its around 50-70. still need to check my graphics card because i just bought it last sunday.