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I do NOT have ITUNES MATCH and don't want it, and JUST want to delete content off of my icloud, that would be songs and apps I no longer ever want to use or view.  I have ipad mini, iphone4s, ipod classic, macbook pro (old) etc...

i have tried to find any real info/articles that don't just tout how great icloud is, yep its fine, but there should be an easy way to actually go on my windows computer and using itunes (the 10.7.21 i hate the itunes 11! mistakenly put it on and really prefer the lower version) anyhow, there is no using the alt back delete button, Nope doesn't bring up "delete from icloud too" box, only allows to delete it (from computer) and I have read and tried other various fixes, but nothing is working, so some of you who are really genius' with this stuff could maybe throw out the steps for those of us who really don't know how to make stuff dissapear off of Icloud.  Would appreciate it. I have a windows 7 computer.

iPhone 4S, Mac OS X (10.5.2), Have 3-4 other PC's in my network
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    By default, iCloud accounts include 5 GB of free storage space, which you can use for the following:

    • Documents in the Cloud
    • iOS Backups
    • Mail



    The following items do not count against your iCloud storage space:

    • Photo Stream
    • Contacts
    • Calendars
    • Bookmarks
    • Reminders
    • Notes
    • iTunes



    Managing your iCloud storage - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4847


    iCloud / General Information and features - http://www.apple.com/icloud/features/.


    iCloud on-line Help - http://help.apple.com/icloud/.

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    Good to know, but NO that does not actually answer my question, its Not about saving space, I just want them gone/removed/permanently off the table.


    Can you provide me the steps to actually remove data from my icloud? I do Not have itunes match.  But that should not stop me from removing data/ music or apps.

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    Music and apps are not on iCloud.


    The iCloud on-line help will give instructions on most features of iCloud.  What are you trying to do?

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    I have previously purchased apps and music, and then later on, deleted from my computer/ or iphone etc, then I see them show up in icloud ( from backups) and I want them gone, when I go to list of purchases, there they all are, though I long ago deleted, so I guess they really are in icloud, as there is icloud symbol next to them, all just waiting to be re-downloaded to my iphone, ipod, ipad, etc... so yep it seems they must be there, thats why the icloud symbol is there, right? i would not be able to get them otherwise, they are sitting in it.

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    To give exact instructions on how to delete your iCloud back ups, go to this article http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4847 , and select the arrow beside "backup" the go to the section entitled "Deleting backups and turning off Backup for your device".  It outlines exactly how to do this. 


    iCloud Backup and restore overview - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4859.


    Note: If you haven't backed up your device to iCloud for a period of 180 days or longer, Apple reserves the right to delete the backups associated with that device. Review the iCloud Terms and Conditions for more information.

    Hopefully this will provide the info you are seeking

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    Newmacuser52 wrote:


    when I go to list of purchases, there they all are, though I long ago deleted, so I guess they really are in icloud, as there is icloud symbol next to them

    That merely means they are available for re-download.

    If you do not want to see them, simply hide the purchases.  Hiding and unhiding purchases

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    This article provides tips for managing your iCloud storage in the event that you reach or exceed your storage limit.

    This article is in case you exceed your storage limit. Not how to delete stuff off I cloud. Suppose I want to delete the stuff to keep the government from getting it. Just hiding it will not do.

    How do I wipe it off so chinese hackers can't steal my top secret files? What if I have illegal files and I want them off Icloud before I get caught with them?

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    Paranoid much?

    Simply delete the content from iCloud or if you are really that concerned do not put the content in iCloud to begin with.

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    I'm writing my first post here as I stumbled across this reply, and I am another Mac user wanting to delete my iCloud content.


    The sarcastic comment "Paranoid much?" isn't really constructive.


    Some people just do not want their personal, private information sitting in some random digital location, i.e. sitting on iCloud. What's "paranoid" to one person is just prudent and intelligent to another.


    A very helpful man at Apple care explained that you can indeed delete your information from iCloud, but not by going through your system preferences and then iCloud. Instead you go to iCloud.com, log in and then delete the info over there. Which I have done, I hope that this answer helps you too  orangesnotapples.

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    Have to agree with Expat, your comment is NOT helpful, its just snide and rude...

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    Hmmm, providing the exact same information already provided.  Exactly what, other than your opinion, did you have to add to this discussion?

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    Still rude.  Now go away!  I asked original question you have not helped so go haunt another forum. 

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    What have I provided? I hope: courtesy, consideration and a clearly written answer that was respectful and attempted to be helpful to other people.


    What I haven't contributed is a schoolyard aged attempt to mock and humiliate other people, to try and make myself look better/bigger/stronger/more important/more knowledgeable than I actually am.


    So, you wrote,

    "Paranoid much?

    Simply delete the content from iCloud or if you are really that concerned do not put the content in iCloud to begin with."


    Re. "Paranoid much".

    In the real world (where people like you are always meek as a mouse, unlike the patronising & overtly aggressive way that you reply here on a forum) not wanting your address book, your calendar, your documents and your password keychain floating around in cyberspace isn't "paranoid", it's an obvious potential future problem. Because anybody with a brain and a bit of forethought can see that when this stuff gets hacked, it's your whole identity that's going to get stolen.


    Re. "...do not put the content on iCloud to begin with"

    When my computer rebooted after the Mavericks installation, it asked me to log in to iCloud to enable 'find my mac'. When I did so, I found that the system had automatically checked the boxes to upload all of the above (calendar/key chain/documents and data etc etc)to iCloud. The system went ahead and immediately uploaded all of this and I only knew that once I saw the level of boxes it had automatically checked by default. To clarify, I did NOT want this content on iCloud to begin with, which is why we are here trying to find a way to permanently delete this stuff off iCloud.


    So the attempts to patronise one person for asking an intelligent question, and then another for making another valid point (which he tried to have some fun with, to make his point even more strongly) have achieved nothing.


    And now cue the utterly predictable second attempt to make yourself look like you won/to patronise other yet again/to continue an argument that nobody came for except yourself.