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Hi all.


Yesterday, I noticed that links to individual items in our iTunes U collections, e.g., https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ground-wars-personalized-communication/id389 607033?i=125867113&mt=2 no longer work on an iOS 6.0.1 iPad.  (I've tried two different iPads.)


Previously, touching a link to iTunes U content in mobile Safari would directly launch the iTunes U app, go to the iTunes U Catalog, and show the collection, with the particular item highlighted in blue.


Yesterday, I noticed that the link takes you to the Podcasts app, and brings up a message saying "View in iTunes U --Open iTunes U to view and download from the iTunes U catalog". When you choose "Open iTunes U", nothing happens!  You just stay in the Podcast app.


[If you click this link in a desktop browser, they correctly take you to the iTunes Preview of the collection in the browser.]


Even stranger.....if the URL is in a Tweet, and thus is shortened by Twitter's t.co link shortening service, it works (i.e., it will take you to the iTunes U app).  It does *not* work, though, if you use bit.ly's link shortening service.


Strangest of all.....links *do* work on an iOS 6 iPhone!  (I've tried 2 different iPhones).


Anybody else seeing this?  Any idea what's wrong?  Thanks.....k

iOS 6.0.1