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My iPod touch was synced to my Bose Soundlink II, but now won't sync.  I did re-set the Bose and confirmed I had the current iPod software updates.  However, when I try to sync, I get the same old message "Make sure your Bose is on and in range. It is.

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    Are you try to the use the Bose device via AirPlay?

    Via Bluetooth?

    Did y do anthing to the iPod since it last work with the device?

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    I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by "AirPlay."  I was synced to the Bose Soundlink II via Bluetooth. I am still synced to the Bose with my Samsung 4G phone (for Pandora), and that works fine.  I didn't do anything different with the iPod, it just stopped syncing.  I will probably end up going into either the Apple or Bose store at the Mall.  Just thought I would take a chance to avoid the trip. 

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    For Bluetooth it is called pairing, not syncing.

    Try resetting the Bose device again and als on the iPod go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. You will have to re-pair to the Bose device and reenter wifi passwords.

    Also see:

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