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How do I update iOS6 in iPad2 after had jailbreak? Thks

iPad 2
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    The terms of use of this site prohibit discussion of jailbreaking. You are not likley to have much luck here. You might want to check the site of the software you used to jailbreak in the first place.

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    Your post indicates you have used Cydia, which is a software application for iOS that enables a user to find and install software packages on jailbroken iOS Apple devices. Since your iPad has been jailbroken,  we can't help you in this forum. Best bet is to Google for answers.


    You may have "bricked" your iPad and now have an $$$ paper weight. Plus your Apple warranty has been voided and the Apple Genius Bar/Support will not help you.


     Cheers, Tom

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    Once you do use the jailbroken services anything that does happen to your ipad afterwards is no one else's problem which means your warranty is gone and your hope of getting a new ipad is also gone...

    be warry that the jailbroken can render your ipad useless in the future and if so.. GOOD LUCK MATE!!


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