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I want to move my 45,000 song 250Gb iTunes library from my old G5 desktop to my MacBook Pro, using the same external HD for the ITunes Media folder that I am already using with the G5.


I've looked at all the relevant tips and discussions I can find and have copied my iTunes folder from the old Mac to the new one, connected up the same HD, then started iTunes 11 on the MacBook with Alt held down and pointed it at the .itl file from the old machine.


(The old library is from iTunes version 10.6.3 and the G5 OS is 10.5.8)


It took a little while converting the library to work with iTunes 11 and the whole process worked as it should  – but with just one problem, Nothing I added to the library after June 5, 2012 (more than 2,000 tracks) is showing up on the new computer.


Looking into the iTunes folder on the G5, June 5 , 2012, is in fact the Last Modified date on the ITunes Library.itl file. There are two XML files in there where there should be one. One is called iTunes Music Library.xml (16Mb) and the other is called iTunes Music Library.xml.xml (95Mb). Both have the correct modification date from when I last added content (earlier today).


There is also an ITunes Music Library (Damaged) of 89.5Mb which also has a date of June 5 last year. I don't recall having a specific iTunes problem then, although my G5 sometimes freezes and crashes for no apparent reason, usually while playing music.


The content I have added since last June shows up in the old library as it should and plays without a problem except for these very occasional freezes.


So I found this page – http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1451


Following the advice there, I'm now trying to reconstruct the .itl file on the G5 by starting a blank library in a new and separate iTunes folder, changing the media folder to the external drive, then importing  iTunes Music Library.xml.xml (which I moved to the desktop) as a playlist.


It's been importing the file for nearly three hours now and I not feeling confident that it will ever end.


Any ideas that will be less trouble than reimporting the 2,000 tracks (all CD rips) from the external HD back into the iTunes window? I'd rather not lose the existing play counts and date added information if possible.

Power Mac G5, Mac OS X (10.5.8)