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What I am trying to accomplish is syncing iCal calendars for two indivduals, both with their own AppleID and iCloud accounts.  First, is this even possible?


Husband and wife, each with their own computer and mobile device(s) would like to sync a common calendar, resulting in one common calendar or at minimum their individual calendars within iCal.  The current setup has each individual with their own computer, mobile device, AppleID, and iClould account.  The best posssible result would be sychnicing to each other's account for just an individual calendar within iCal.


Having a single (joint) iCloud account will not work, since contacts & emails need to remain seperate.  I would like to add a second iCloud account to each individuals computer and mobile device to just sync the other person's calendar.   Are 2 iCloud accounts allowed within computer & mobile device System Preferences for this purpose?  I do not want to try a second iCloud account and suffer untold descrepencies.


Please advise.

Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, MacMini Server(10.8.2)