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I have been suffering with the inadequacies of Apple Mail for 3 years. I love Apple kit but frankly they seem incapable of making any software which syncs info seemlessly and without duplication. Ironic given their business is based on that need - anyway, that rant is over.


I keep getting 'The Identity of "server name" cannot be recognised when Mail sends or receives mail. I have 4 or 5 mail addresses all hosted by the same email provider (its not yahoo or anything like that). But this only happens sometimes. Sometimes I click 'connect' and it connects, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes only one email address is affected, sometimes all, sometimes it'll run for weeks fine, then not send mail for days despite loads of hassle.


It has now started not sending email and adding them to the outbox. I open, edit and resend using a different server and sometimes it sends, sometimes it doesn't and sometimes it sits in the outbox until eventually I close mail, restart it and then it sends from the outbox.


Then, sometimes I will be in mail and see 7 or 8 emails in my 'drafts' file that I sent a week ago. This could be on any mail account but is usually on my cloud account - again, not surprising as apple can't make stuff synce without duplicating or not sending or cirruptng - anyway, I resent all in drafts today just in case - as there was an important email in there I'd sent out 2 days ago (and it went and cleared outbox and went to sent box) and I get an acknowledgement email! I didn't get one before - so presumably it wasn't sent last time!


I can now no longer trust my mac to send email.


Frankly, life is too short - anyone got any ideas? As I paid about £1800 for this imac you'd think I could get some actual customer support but no doubt this 'community' is filled with good enthusiasts doing Apple's job for them... You might guess I am rapidly losing faith in all things Apple.



Mail, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)