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I have Upgraded to Pro Tools LE 8 for Mac and updated the Mac OS X to 10.5.8 in a PPC Mac why does it still not launch or quit on startup... I am not sure whether to download 10.5.5 or to download the Pro Tools 8.0.5 Update...?

PowerMac, iOS 5.0.1
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    Pro Tools 8.0.1 is the last release to support PowerPC systems, so probably not a good idea to upgrade further.  If you have 8.0.3 installed, that won't run on PowerPC systems.  You can see details here.

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    I installed 8.0.1 and still my Mbox does not recognize the Mbox therefore it won't launch the program... What else am i supposed to do... i checked my Mbox firmware and tried to upgrade it with the 8.0 disk to Command8 but that makes no difference...