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Is there a way to change the Apple ID on my Ipad 1??  When I set up my IPAD (1) my I-tunes ID was an AOL account.  I have been unable to retrieve the password because the system seems to have an inaccurate birthdate for me, and it doesn't mail my AOL account when I ask it to verify that way.  I can't see how to get a working account onto this Ipad...it keeps popping up the original ID and asking for the password, which I no longer know... Thank you!

iPad, iOS 5.1.1
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    Hi, I know nothing about iPads, but try Manage your ID here...






    Try Apple's Express Lane...




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    Thank you so much!  I had been using the first suggestion you make to no avail:  I couldn't verify because the system kept telling me my birthdate was wrong, and no verification email ever came.  I tried to use Apple Support, but every option seemed to relate to a device, software, or the like.


    However, using your suggestion of the Express Lane, I easily found an appropriate link and within a minute I had received a return call from an Apple security person.  It turned out that many years ago my son must have changed my ID to reflect HIS age abnd HIS email...no wonder it didn't accept my information! 


    Thank you for that suggestion!


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    Good work, great to hear, thanks!