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I heared a noise from the left side of my Macbook Pro Retina 15" after one month of use.

I can hear the clatter noise  in a silent condition by placing the ear near the keyboard in slow velocity fan condition.

Is clearly the classical noise from fault fan destined to broken.

I called the apple support. They opened a case and told me to go and the nearest apple service center for a check and repair.


I went to the abc.it  premium reseller and service center in Padova, Italy (no apple store near me). The guy listened my problem but not checked the computer at all.

He told me about I should wait long time for the the repairs (15-25 days) cause they don't have the fan and they have a lot of work behind.

The suggest me to come back in one month and if I want a repair process in 4-5 days I have to pay 60€


This with a apple care program and 2500€  paid for a faulty computer!!!  + time lost!

Apple should come and pick up the product and repair without intermediaries and without me wasting time!


In this community people talking about few hours for a fan replacement in a apple store and the abc.it "premium reseller" talked me about 24 hours only for a standard apple macbook system test.


What happen to apple?  Lost the control of they official reseller?

Anybody had a better experience with this problem?



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)