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Hi, does anybody know what the font in the picture below is called?? I see it used alot in videos made in FCP, for example i recently saw it used in the VOYR.com behind the scenes stuff for Kanye West and Jay-Z's tour....i think Kanye also uses it in some album artwork.....

Ive also seen it used in a few different music videos aswell...


Many thanks








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    It looks a lot like Helvetica Neue Condensed Black.  I am no expert, but the "O" makes me think it is condensed and the "W" makes me think that it is black.  It could also be a futura or franklin gothic font variation as well, although the "O" doesn't really look futura.


    Maybe this link can help you select the right font. 






    Myfonts is a pay site, but once you nail down what font you want, I would do a google seach to find it for free.


    Hope this helps a bit.  If I am not 100% correct on this answer, I'm sure that any one of these font variations could work in its place either way.


    Good luck to you,

    ~ G.K.

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    There's no such thing as a FCP specific font. It can use any font that is installed on your computer.

    I have aroud 600 active, with a further 8500 stored externally.

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    Great point Nick. If your video is going to be distributed, make sure that you are cleared to use whatever font that you choose. Some fonts, although free to download, are copyright protected and require permission to use. Usually this is easy to figure out and obtain. Sometimes it is a matter of just paying the 30 bucks for the font, other times you must request the permission of whomever created the font.


    Just something to think about. But really any font that you want can be obtained online. If you have specific font ideas in mind, find a friend that is really good in Adobe Illustrator. Then you can create your own fonts.

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    Many Thanks for your help...!

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    Thanks for your help!

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                                                                          ****FOUND IT!!******





    Incase anyone is interested its "Alternate Gothic #2"


    Thanks Again!!

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    Next time you are up against this one, try this site: http://www.identifont.com/


    Fonts are lisenced like software and if using a commercial font (one you pay for), then the fee covers the right to use the font on your computer and you can use it in any application.