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I have an ibook 900mhz 640mb 40gb (With 14.14gb free) running 10.3.9 and even the most basic videos lag in quicktime and any other player i tried. Downgrading to quicktime 6 helped some but it is still pretty bad. I have tried repairing the permissions, running FSCK, and many other things. After checking i found the computer still has about 280mb free ram. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

ibook g3 900mhz 640mb 40gb hd, Mac OS X (10.3.9)
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    Have you tried using VLC? It is the only media app that I use, and I love it I also have minor lag with some vids using Quicktime, but VLC runs all media perfectly. Plus it is free and available for ANY platform. Give it a try: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
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    First Off, Thanks for the very quick response. Yes, I have tried VLC,Niceplayer,Mplayer and many others. All give me the same results. Also I have seen mac's that are less than 1/2 as powerful as this play the same video with no problem. I am beginning to wonder if I may have accidentally messed up a setting somewhere? Any Help is GREATLY appreciated.
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    When I hear someone mention "videos", I tend to ask just how do you run them? Off the HD itself or off the optical?

    If playing the file off the optical, that indeed can cause lags. If running off the HD I wonder about the HD having too small of a cache. The more common 2MB cache seems somewhat margional for Mac OS 10 to handle some video content. Of course there is other hardware bottlenecks such as the G3 processor and video RAM, but not much can be done in those departments.

    You mentioned having better than 14GB available you should be good to go there.

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    What is the quality of the video you are trying to play? On my iBook (G3, 800mhz 640 RAM) anything that is really high quality will lag, no matter what player I use. I think its because G3 processors are not too good at playing high end video.
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    It occurs at all times with all resolutions. I have seen videos at 512x384 play poorly but videos at 1024x768 play fine. I have absolutely NO idea what is happening here. Any Ideas?
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