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Aperture trash will not empty. Cannot delete pictures. I tried option key no luck. I tried every single troubleshooting technique on the support page, even reinstalled Aperture. What else can I do?

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Where is your Aperture library located? On an external drive or your system drive? Sometimes your Aperture trash cannot be emptied, because Aperture cannot write to the system trash,


    Make a check with a new, empty Aperture library. Import some image files, try to trash them. Do they turn up in the trash in your Dock?

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    Library in on my main system drive. I did check with a new aperture library and the same problem persists. I have talked with Apple Aperture support and they think my operating system is at fault. I tried to reinstall the OS but the problem persists. They say I have to erase the hard drive re format and start all over. Wow, not looking forward to doing that. thanks for the reply!