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How much does apple charge to repair an iPhone 4S that has been dropped in water? Or does anyone know somewhere else I can take it to be fixed that is reasonably priced?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
  • KiltedTim Level 9 (50,310 points)

    Apple doesn't repair iPhones, they replace them.


    An out of warranty replacement for an iPhone 4S is US$199.

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    $ 199 ?  Not near what I would have expected (I'm a 4S Newbie).

    Speaking of WaterDamage...and damage in general...K.Tim, are you signed-up with AppleCare? If not, which Ins. program?

  • KiltedTim Level 9 (50,310 points)

    No. I don't carry any 3rd party insurance. I have some coverage through my homeowners policy, but in 5 1/2 years of owning iPhones, I've never managed to break or damage one (knock wood).

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    I am signed up with AppleCare program, but I don't think they cover water damage, the phone for the most part still works fine, the only time I notice a problem is when I hook my iPhone up to a radio docking station then the sound is a little off, headphones and regular speaker works fine! The thing is I don't want to wait until something goes wrong, I'm thinking of getting the iPhone 5 instead of another 4s even though I will have to pay full cash price!

  • KiltedTim Level 9 (50,310 points)

    AppleCare+ for the iPhone 4S and 5 covers accidental damage, including water damage. A replacement should only cost you $49 if you purchased AppleCare+.

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    Thank u, I'm hoping Ur right cuz in that case I will just get another 4s!