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Hi, My iPhone 4S is not charging or connecting to iTunes.  Only very sporadically does it charge properly or connect to the computer.  It is always charging a bit however when the cable is connected, but very slowly (approx 1% per hour).  On the odd occasion it does charge properly it all seems fine, but this is very rare.


I have tried several different cables (all original Apple ones).  I have tried charging on different power sockets.  I have tried charging on different computers (both Apple and Regular).  I have also tried charging on a docking station.


I am taking it to an Apple support center this Friday, but urgenly need to sync with iTunes to save all my apps I have bought.  I have not synced for a while.  I have been told I will probably get a new phone, that is why everything needs to be backed up now.  I have already back-up my setting on iCloud, but as far as I am aware this will not back up the actual software.


Please help.  I am desperate!



iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1