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Not sure exactly what the issue is here and need some help/guidance. I had to replaced the hard drive on my Macbook (white 13" Intel Macbook) yesterday due to the drive failing. That's not a big deal to replace, and it went smoothly. However, when restarted the laptop, I noticed that now there was a vertical Chartruse line on the screen just left of center. Didn't have one before. Start up went fine, got good tone, and I was able to format the new drive, and load 10.5 with no problems other than the vertical line issue. That was late yesterday evening. This morning I went to start up so I could complete my applications installs, but now the screen just "flashes" (white) for a fraction of a second, but then goes black and stay that way. There are no images. Additionally, now I get no start up tone either. I thought it might be a pinched video cable, but moving the screen up and down produces nothing (no flickering and image at all). The laptop does appear to power on, but as I said it doesn't "Tone" as it did before (but, front power light stays on), I was wondering if this is could possibly be a backlight failure issue, or is it more likely a video issue? Any help would be appreciated.

MacBook, iOS 5, LCD flashes momentarily at start up
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    The problem has been corrected, and do I feel like a dummy. Apparently, after removal, I didn't get both of the memory modules seat fully. Removed them, re-installed them, and insured they were both fully seated. Fired it up an it worked! That was it. Thanks to those that looked.