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cassandraCB Level 1 Level 1

My rental shows that I only have 7 hours left but I never watched the movie. It still shows that it needs to be downloaded since I am not connected to wi-fi. Will it dissapear after the 7 hours?

iPhone 5
  • varjak paw Level 10 Level 10

    When did you rent the movie? Was it recently, or did you rent this some time ago? You have only 30 days from the time you rented the movie before it expires, whether or not you've started watching it.


    If you just rented this within the last 30 says, go here:


    iTunes Support


    and follow the instructions to report the issue to the iTunes Store.




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  • cassandraCB Level 1 Level 1

    I bought it last night and almost immediately after the 24 hour countdown begun even though I hadn't started watching the movie. I will contact iTunes Support. Thanks!