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I have been working on FCPX 10.0.5 for the last 8 months but am keen to update to the .7 version.  I've read a few articles about updating and the effect on the old projects, asking if I want to update them.  What will this actually do to my projects?  Will they still be useable?  And if for any reason I wanted to keep the .5 and .7 version can I 'hide' the .7 version to open the .5 version?  (I have backed up the 10.0.5 version as a zip file)


Any help would be great, don't want to mess up my old projects but would like to keep up the newest software!



Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • Tom Wolsky Level 10 (115,500 points)

    How far is this project from being finished? Do you need the features in 10.0.6/7?


    Nothing happens to the project, other than that the format is updated for the new version.


    A backup of the old version is made automatically when you update the projects and events. It's in a folder called Backup.


    The old project can be opened in 10.0.5, but of course will not contain anything done in a later version.

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    Each Event and Project is a mini-database.  As new features are added, those databases must be updated to recognize and deal with the new code.  Once updated, the Events and Projects are NOT backwards compatible.


    Your idea of backing up everything is right on the mark.  Here's the info you're looking for.


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    Thank you for getting back to me!


    The project is finished, but there is always a chance we might have to go back to it!  When you say features do you mean effects?  The only major thing was a colour grade on the whole project but other than that there are no fancy effects, only a few resizes.

    I wouldn't make any changes to the old project in the .7 version.


    If i install 10.0.7 how can I then go back to the .5 version?  Is is simply a case of hiding the new version?



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    Then now would be a perfect time to update.


    Shut down the new version. Move the backups into the event and project folders. Open the old version of the software. I keep the old versions of the software on another drive. They can open and run from there, though this isn't the SOP.

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    Great, thanks!


    Sorry to probably ask stupid questions but my brain is not designed for this technical speak!  The old version you keep is it a zip file?  I compressed the 10.0.5 version.  When you say move the backups, do you mean the backups of the project I want to open in the .5 version?

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    I zip it yes, so I can't open it accidentally.


    I misspoke, not Backups, Old Versions.


    Your event folder looks like this




    There's a current version and there's an Old Versions folder. The old versions were made with the last versions of the app you used. To get back to the old version you swap your CurrentVersion for the old version you want and launch the old version of the app. If you launch the new version of the app it will want to update the event database.

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    Thank you for all your help, and for being so quick in getting back to me, really helpful!