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iCal over the past year has been sending notices for past events on its own. In some instances, it occurs at random. In other instances, it is when one of the attendees clicks on the event to view details - at which time it sends notifications to all attendees.


To corrent this, we (happening to several people on a limited number of event entries) have attempted to delete the event all together. When we do so, it does not delete and again sends notifications to all listed attendees.


How can we stop this?

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    I have the same problem -- it was happening over a year ago and now it has started again.  It seems to be isolated to the events that are on the exchange server based calendar (although that may be just because that is the only one that has many invitations). It is not isolated to recurring meetings but is happening for many old meetings.


    There used to be a setting for how long calendar entries were stored and seemd to happen when that date was reached, but that setting is no longer in preferences.  (Version 6.0 (1645))


    Any ideas?  This is incredibly annoying to my clients & colleagues.